Field recordings of Mulubinba Newcastle's  environments and inhabitants. 





Sounds of Newcastle is an exploration of the sonic world of the plants, animals and people of Newcastle. A collaboration between citizen scientist and writer Bastian Fox Phelan and registered music therapist Carlin McLellan. Born out of a desire to explore and investigate local ecologies and spaces during the 2021 pandemic, Sounds of Newcastle became part scientific documentation, part mindfulness meditation. 

Upon our unplanned forays into some of the more uncharted parts of Newcastle, we noticed how paying careful attention to the world around us, the sounds and sights inspired a feeling of awe and wonder. Deeply listening provided space for stillness and reflection. 

Sadly, precious habitat is being lost, such as the destruction of George McGregor park, home to old old trees, macropods and echidnas. We hope that the documentation of these spaces will help with understanding our environment and our role within it. 



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Pretty flowers
Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers with the sky behind.

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